Kanyon Faulkner

Teaches Gyrotonic at Kinespirit @ Studio Riverside

Kanyon is a trained ballet dancer and has spent her entire life moving. Due to issues that came from excessive mobility in her spine and hips, she was encouraged by a ballet mistress to start doing classical Pilates. She studied both classical and contemporary approaches which gave her much more awareness and control, and through those channels found Gyrotonic and Gyrokinses. It was love right away. Kanyon found in Gyro a way to teach her body organization but without limitation. The freedom that has come both in body, mind and spirit through learning such an amazing modality has been nothing short of miraculous and life changing. Kanyon is passionate about helping her clients find their potential and truly believes in the optimistic quality of Gyro – that where a body is now doesn’t determine where it will be a few weeks or months. She loves seeing her clients progress, loves seeing them find more freedom in their movement, more comfort in their bodies, and more confidence that they are capable of much more than they know. Additionally, she has worked in therapeutic and rehab based Pilates and has a deep knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. Kanyon continues to dance professionally in New York, and could not be more thrilled at the results Gyro has brought to her dance career.

Gyrotonic Level 1, Gyrokinesis Level 1, Pilates Apparatus

Other Trainings and Qualifications
Taught both Classical and Contemporary Pilates with a focus on injury and condition rehabilitation.

Nomad with a current Brooklyn address

Fun Fact
When I was little my mom had a farm, so I grew up riding horses, taking care of goats,cows, chickens, pigs- I even helped deliver the babies. I was homeschooled then so it was such a fun experience- my life was part ballet princess part complete tomboy being outside all the time.